The Chainsmokers Made A Racist Joke & Twitter Is DRAGGING Them

The Chainsmokers, who you might recognize as the wildly mediocre voices behind such indistinguishable hits as “Closer” and “Paris,” have always been cringe-worthy. They’ve come under fire for their fair share of scandals, but in the end, it has always seemed as though their hold over the charts has been unbreakable. Yes, they seem like they wear t-shirts under blazers to formal events, drink Monster energy drinks with every meal and suggest everyone at a party tries doing a body shot, but in the end, everyone’s still bumping “Roses” and going to their concerts wearing neon tank tops.

Well, looks like things just took an even more problematic turn for the dynamic duo.

Recently, the band, made up of Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, uploaded a video to their Twitter account about their trip to China for a music festival.

In the video, the two joked with a reporter and discussed their excitement about the trip and their upcoming collab with K-pop band BTS.

Things got uncomfortable when the reporter asked Alex whether he brings his dog along on tour.

Screenshot via Buzzfeed

Pall responded that the dog was “ill behaved” (the same could be said about these two morons) before saying, “I mean if she could come anywhere, I would bring her to… Well, I don’t know if I’d bring her to China,” before collapsing into a fit of child-like giggles, utterly gleeful with his ability to reference a negative and racist stereotype that has been perpetuated against Asian people for actual decades.

Screenshot via Buzzfeed Screenshot via Buzzfeed

Original. You really made a funny.

Because their publicist has an arduous job, the video has been taken down, though it is still referenced in an Instagram post from their video editor.

Some Twitter users have taken to dragging the pair.

BTS fans are just hoping it won’t hurt their faves.

Either way, I’m all good on skipping “Closer” every single time Spotify even so much as puts it anywhere near the queue. The Chainsmokers have yet to issue a comment because the less they talk the better.

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