Kmart Is Swapping ‘Plus-Size’ For ‘Fabulously-Sized’

For so many years now, plenty of people have been speaking out against the term ‘plus-size.’ Supermodel Ashley Graham and reality star/denim mogul Khloe Kardashian have both expressed their disdain for the fashion term, which generally refers to women above a size eight. It’s often considered negative and only perpetuates the idea of so many women’s bodies as abnormal.

Apparently, Kmart agrees, but as your mom would say, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

The retail chain is saying bye bye to plus sizes in favor of ‘fabulously-sized.’ The change comes with their I Can campaign, which attempts to empower women of all shapes and sizes as they enhance their wardrobes with professional and fun pieces.

Some people have been expressing their approval of Kmart’s well-intentioned rephrasing.

But not everyone is pleased with the new label.

The problem with ‘fabulously sized’ is that it still expands upon the notion that plus-size women should be labeled and marginalized, albeit in a way that seems patronizingly faux-positive and transparently desperate. All women are fabulous, no matter their size. What would be even more fabulous would be a store in which all clothes are treated equally and all body types are celebrated.

Kmart could have done themselves one better by listening to one of the aforementioned fashion game-changers, Ashley Graham.

“Plus-size?” Graham asked at a TEDx talk. “More like my size.” Exactly.

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