Ted Cruz Is In Deep Trouble For A 9/11 Twitter Flub


In America 9/11 is a somber day full of remembrance and strength. It’s a day when American’s look back and remember the horrifying terrorist attack on American soil. It’s a day when every American politician and celebrity posts about the anniversary.

But just because it’s 9/11, the anniversary of the countries largest homeland attack doesn’t mean the whole day has to be about it. It only happened 16 years ago! It’s practically ancient! This is all sarcasm by the way, I just want to be super clear. I’m poking fun because Texas Senator, Ted Cruz liked a tweet about porn on the day of America’s greatest tragedy.

In general a United States Senator shouldn’t have a porn tweet in their liked tweets section of their profile, but to do so on 9/11 is just hilariously unpatriotic. His senior communications adviser, Catherine Frazier said the tweet has been reported. Sen. Cruz is saying that his whole staff has access to his account and it was liked by someone else on accident.

The liked tweet was from the account Sexuall Posts and is a two minute clip from a pornography site. The video was of a women who walks into a couple having sex so then she masturbates. Ted Cruz has already unliked his tweet. But the funniest thing about this is Ted Cruz has been vocally against masturbation.

Should we Venmo his public relations team some money to go get drinks after work? Or is that too much? Be careful who you lend your Twitter account information to, they may just go rogue.

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