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Jemele Hill Net Worth 2017: How Much Is Jemele Worth Right Now?


If you’ve never heard of the American sports journalist Jemele Hill, you probably know her now from her Twitter comments about President Donald Trump.

Hill called the president a bigot and a white supremacist and the backlash resulting from her opinions caused ESPN to release a statement saying that Hill’s thoughts don’t reflect the thoughts of the company. But aside from a scolding by the managers at ESPN, Hill has done pretty well for herself. Born in Detroit, Michigan, it wasn’t an easy rise to fame for the star reporter. She made her way to become an anchor and sports journalist and serves as an inspiration to so many individuals. How much is this successful star worth today?

Jemele Hill’s Net Worth As of 2017: $4 million

Let’s see how Hill got to where she is now.

1997 – 1998

After graduating from Michigan State, Hill landed a job right out of college. She worked as a reporter for The News and Observer in Raleigh.

1999 – 2006

After leaving Raleigh, Hill became a writer for the Detroit Free Press and worked there for about six years covering Michigan sports events such as football and basketball. She also had the opportunity to host the 2004 Summer Olympics and the NBA Playoffs. After so much growth as a professional news writer, Hill took on another job as a general spots columnist for The Orlando Sentinel.

2006 – Present

Hill gave an incredible performance as a sports anchor in a show calledĀ First TakeĀ which landed her a full-time position as an ESPN sports broadcaster. She has also hostedĀ Numbers Will Never LieĀ andĀ His and Hers.Ā The reporter has appeared onĀ Outside the Lines, SportsCenterĀ andĀ The Sports ReportersĀ as well.

Hill has made such amazing progress in her career. Hopefully, her comments about Trump won’t set her back.

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