5 TV Shows You Won’t Want To Miss This Fall








Fall is the season of pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters and most importantly, new TV shows. Nothing screams fall more than cozying up on the couch, wrapping up in a flannel, sipping a PSL and watching your favorite show. You might as well cancel your plans now, because this year’s lineup is looking like straight fire.

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This season, the shows are better than ever and you won’t want to miss out. Here are the top TV shows that need to be on your radar in autumn 2017.

1. The Good Doctor

Premiere: Monday, September 25 on ABC


Surprisingly enough, this show is actually a spin-off of a popular Korean drama. Even more surprising is the fact that they kept the name the same and didn’t try to ignore the fact that it’s a Korean remake. I’ve personally watched the Korean version and it was pretty good, so it will be exciting to see what shape the American version will take. The show follows a genius-level surgeon, but due to his autism he isn’t able to actually be a doctor. One hospital unwillingly takes a chance on him and hires him to be a pediatric surgeon. If this show turns out to be anything like its counterpart, it will be a rollercoaster.

2. 90’s House

Premiere: Tuesday, September 26 on MTV


“Can you 90’s?” is the tagline for this new MTV show. It will surround 12 young adults on a competition show, finding out whether or not they can make it in the 1990s. This means no social media, no iPads, no iPhones and no PSLs. They even have to dress like they are in the decade, though that’s not so tough. The premise is pretty dope and it will be funny to see how they cope without the technology we have now. They might actually have to talk to one another face to face… Gasp!

3. Will & Grace

Premiere: Thursday, September 28 on NBC


This is one revival that everyone needs to be excited for. Will & Grace was groundbreaking back when it first aired. It shows the life of four friends tackling life in NYC. It’s comparable to Friends, but it’s hilariously witty and a little more diverse with its titular gay protagonist. This one should definitely be on your watch-list.

4. The Gifted

Premiere: Monday, October 2 on Fox


This show is for all those people who still can’t get over the ending of the movie Logan. Who needed a little more closure when it came to the X-men’s dissolution? Well, here’s your answer. This series is about the new mutants post-X-Men. The mutants have to learn how to cope in the world without Professor X and the whole team. They will have to learn to become their own team of superheroes and it’s sure to be action-packed.

5. Riverdale

Premiere: Wednesday, October 11 on The CW


Although this show is starting its second season this fall, it’s not too late to catch up and join the fun. This show is seriously addicting. Riverdale is one part Gossip Girl, another part Clue and obviously, the IRL version of the classic Archie & Friends comics. It’s funny, witty and just an all-around must-watch. And that all goes without saying that Cole Spouse has made a successful official comeback to TV thanks to Riverdale and his role as the super hot, bad boy wannabe.

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