How To Get A Body Like Shakira’s, According To Her Personal Trainer

How much work actually goes into looking like Shakira?

According to her trainer, Anna Kaiser, it’s a lot.

The star works out about five days per week and all of her workouts revolve around her heart rate monitor. In an interview with E! News Kaiser said:

“We alternate between strength and cardio intervals. Some days we do just cardio and then strength and some days we start with strength and then do cardio, we like to mix it up. I want to make sure that she is improving her endurance so that she can go into a two-hour show and also has the strength and stamina to make it through a five-month tour.”

For all singers, having the stamina to get through a long tour is difficult. Performing is a workout and especially while spending a lot of time on a bus and lacking in sleep, it can be difficult to keep up the energy.

Kaiser told E! that when she began working with Shakira, the star had arthritis in her elbows and weak wrists. The exercises the two did together focuses on strengthening and keeping her flexible at the same time.

Shakira is so busy between being a mother, working at the studio and shooting music videos, but she still has the time to work out, so you can too!

Kaiser explains:

“She’s doing two-a-days twice a week and the other three days she’s doing one workout per day. It’s been a little bit harder to do two-a-days with our Skype training sessions because of our time difference. When I was there, we were definitely doing two-a-days for the month. Since then she got the initial drop, she lost a ton of weight and inches, so now we are making sure we are working on endurance and strength. Once you have a program and you get into the routine, it’s much easier to keep going.”

Shakira is hypermobile, meaning that her joints and tendons are very flexible so it’s harder for her to stretch. It becomes easy to mix up having flexible joints versus flexible muscles.

She continues:

“It’s really important to make sure you stay consistent. Even if that day it took longer to reach the goal she’s aiming for, she still did it. She worked out longer, but didn’t work out as hard. A heart rate monitor is important because every day is different. Sometimes you may have a ton of energy and other days you may not, but you can hold yourself accountable for knowing how hard you’re working by having a very specific goal to work toward. Sometimes you’ll think you’re lifting some very heavy weight, but you’ll realize your heart isn’t actually working that hard so you can push yourself a little bit harder.”

Exercise is only part of the equation though. Shakira’s eating habits are just as intense as her workouts.

Kaiser prepared Shakira’s meals for seven years until Shakira found her own chef to prepare Kaiser’s recipes. The trainer believes it’s important to eat throughout the day including two to three snacks in addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner. The goal is to eat every two to three hours to sustain her through her long days.

Kaiser told E! exactly what Shakira is eating. “Breakfast, lunch and dinner with a protein in every meal and fresh veggies or small amounts of low glycemic fruit and for snacks we started introducing soups, ” she says.

“Some great groups are filling and warm. So, at the four o’clock hour, when people start craving caffeine and a cookie, soup is a really great option because it fills you up and feels like a meal so it can keep you going until dinner, but it’s not hugely caloric.”

“Soup is really easy to make you can take basil, celery, acorn squash and boil them and then put them in the blender with sea salt. It’s delicious and only takes about 15 minutes. You can make it the night before. It’s kind of like making baby puree, and there are a ton of super easy recipes. You can make them with chicken stock, then add some veggies, boil it, and then put it all in the blender.”

Shakira also eats fish every day, but still enjoy treats such as a cacao topped rice cake, half a protein bar and chocolate tea. Or when she’s out on the weekend, she indulges a bit, but doesn’t drink any alcohol.

The trainer claims it’s about keeping everything fresh and different so you don’t get bored. It’s better to focus on what you can eat instead of what you can’t.

Kaiser says, “If you cut up a piece of fruit, peel it, put it on a dish, and top it with something fun and it feels like a real snack instead of just walking down the street while peeling an orange and eating it. You’re not actually taking a minute to enjoy that snack so instead make it a little bit of a ritual and sit down every 2-3 hours even if it takes you five minutes to eat it. You’ll be surprised how that triggers your brain.”

It takes three months to physically prepare Shakira for a tour, and although the singer has lost weight, that’s not the goal of the workouts. It’s about building lean muscle which is going to increase metabolism and allow you to lose the weight faster.

Sometimes, Shakira even hits the pool around midnight for a swim workout. Swimming calms your body and feels somewhat like a bath at the end of the day, but you’re still sweating even though it may not feel like it.

So there are so many options for staying in shape, even if you’re not going on a world tour. It’s just about choosing what works best for your body.

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