‘American Horror Story: Cult’ Stream: How To Watch Season 7, Episode 3 Online

I hate clowns. I really, really hate clowns. So if you’re three episodes in and you share the same hatred as I do for them then you’re a trooper. American Horror Story is one of those shows that you either love to watch or love to hate on. So far, season seven has met with some colder reception compared to its popular Murder House, Coven and Asylum predecessors.

Nevertheless, American Horror Story: Cult aims to play on our more basic fears in our daily lives. When a murderer paints a target on Ally’s back (or house, to be more specific), the tension levels can only get higher from there.

Check out when to tune in to watch the latest episode of American Horror Story: Cult!

American Horror Story: Cult Viewing Details

Date: September 19, 2017
Time: 10:00 P.M. ET
TV Channel: FX
Season: 7
Episode: 3
Title: “Neighbors From Hell”

How To Watch American Horror Story Season 7, Episode 3 Online

You can watch the next episode of American Horror Story online on FX if you sign in using your TV provider. If you don’t have a cable TV provider, you might be out of luck… unless you can bum a login from a friend or make it a date night with a guy who also loves AHS.

How To Watch American Horror Story Season 7, Episode 3 on Mobile

Same deal on mobile. If you’d rather not lug your PC to your favorite couch, download the FXNOW app and sign in using your TV provider. From there you can watch the show on your portable device, but it’s probably best not to watch the show in the dark at home alone.

American Horror Story: Cult Season 7, Episode 3 Promo

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