Rihanna Took Notice Of An Albino Fan’s Fenty Beauty Experience









Here’s one thing we should all know by now: there are not enough brands that cater to or even include women with dark skin. Women with darker skin tones just don’t have the same options when it comes to choosing a foundation shade, which can make finding makeup a really long, expensive process. Luckily, some brands have taken note of this issue, the most vocal of them being Rihanna‘s Fenty Beauty.

Women with darker skin obviously deserve to have their fair share when it comes to picking¬†foundation, but there are so many women on the opposite end who also can’t find their perfect match. Albinism isn’t exactly noticed or acknowledged by the mainstream media, let alone by makeup and beauty brands. Where do those who have extremely light skin, who can’t tolerate any orange or peach shades with red or olive undertones, find their makeup?

Fenty Beauty’s got them covered, too. Krystal Robertson, an albino woman and a Fenty Beauty buyer, recently took to Instagram to express her excitement that the brand finally catered to her skin tone. The results were amazing.



Robertson admitted that she was “freaking out” at the Fenty Beauty No Filt’R Foundation in shade 110, which isn’t even the lightest of the bunch. She also confessed that she was remembering “all of the times” that other foundations left her skin “orange,” due to oxidization.

She also took the time to answer some common questions about albinism and makeup, giving followers new info for those who weren’t familiar with the condition or how it can affect common beauty habits.





Of course, Riri couldn’t quite let Krystal off the hook and the singer actually screenshotted Krystal’s photo and put it on her Insta story… for millions of followers to see!


She also took it one step further by following Krystal on Twitter.


Robertson isn’t the only one to express her happiness with Fenty Beauty. Frey Prevett took to Facebook and told her friends about her own foundation breakthrough. Prevett even said it was the first foundation she’d tried that actually matched her neck.

Other people celebrated Rihanna and Fenty Beauty’s efforts, reminding bigger and more established brands to follow the company’s lead and expand their range in all directions.




No matter your color, everyone deserves to be represented, and that’s something we should all know. Cheers to Rihanna and hopefully even more from Fenty Beauty.

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