These Are The Best Workout Classes To Take With Your BFFs

Fall/winter is on the way which means it’s going to be super easy to skip the gym. It’s cold and all you want to do is cuddle underneath a ton of blankets as you Netflix and chill with tons of snacks and a mug of hot chocolate. Believe me, I know it’s simple to get caught up in the laziness of fall but don’t drop the ball. Next thing you know it’s March and everyone is scrambling to get their bikini bodies in order (spoiler alert: it’s too late). You’ll regret some of that fall laziness.

It’s so easy to fall behind during the colder months, especially when you’re wearing bulkier clothing and can’t really tell if there’s been that much of a difference. So, if you get bored easily try switching up your routine from time to time. Here are some fitness events/classes for you to check out.

1. SoulCycle

This fitness trend has been going so strong for the last couple years that the company is planning on opening more studios. SoulCycle is an indoor cycling class that implements choreography to give you a total, full-body workout. Some of your favorite celebrities like Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Kerry Washington, Kelly Ripa and Lady Gaga have taken a liking to the class. Have you seen Beyoncé? Sign me up now. Check out their website for studios near you.

2. The Color Run

This colorful event is held throughout the country year-round. What’s different about this fun run is that you get blasted with bold colors when you complete it. If you’re bold enough to run a 5k, this one’s for you. Visit the official site to check out a run location near you.

3. Cycling Karaoke

Crunch Gym puts a different twist on the transitional cycling class by adding karaoke to the mix. Instead of downing drinks and unintentionally packing on the pounds at a bar, burn a few calories at a cycling class in your city and sing along to your favorite songs.

4. CrossFit

Ok, CrossFit may not be the most fun but you’re challenging your body to do something completely different. This method involves intense workouts like flipping tires and jumping on boxes. It also has you using your own bodyweight which will definitely leave you dripping in sweat. There are a bunch of official CrossFit gyms now, so there’s definitely one by you.

5. Fitness Getaways

One of the most motivational people on Instagram is personal trainer Nic B. From time to time, she puts together a health and fitness retreat abroad. This year she’s taking it to Jamaica for five days of beach body workouts, Zumba an yoga. Going on a vacation and getting your body right at the same time sounds like a win-win to me. Follow her on Instagram for more details

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