Christina Oliva, The Star of TLC’s ‘Hair Goddess,’ Is The Definition Of Glam

Known for her extravagant extensions, Christina Oliva, star of TLC’s Hair Goddess, and her team are a hair force to be reckoned with. She began her business in Staten Island, New York, where she was raised in a large Italian-American family. Now, Oliva is busy changing the lives of many New York women with her own hair salon in Manhattan on 48th Street, Olivia Christensen Salon.

Oliva has come a long way since running a business doing extensions out of her parents’ basement. Her show premiered June 28, showing us the grit and the glam of opening a shop in NYC. While the first episode showed her having trouble finding new clients, she’s now busier than ever.

“Since the show premiered I’ve been extremely busy,” she told us. “We pretty much don’t have a lunch break—we have smoothies for lunch! When I’m out in public, I try not to talk because people recognize me instantly by my voice!”

While Oliva loved filming the series, it came with its challenges.

“The most challenging thing was the scheduling,” Oliva says. “With my large clientele, it was hard to fit filming into my life. I worked and filmed seven days a week for six months.”

As viewers saw each week, there’s no denying how talented Oliva is. With over 12 years in hair care experience, she has not only built up a large clientele, but also a strong knowledge of how to transform a hair-no into a hair-yas.

“People always want a change and instantly think a new short haircut will satisfy them,” Oliva says when asked about the biggest hair mistake she sees, “but they end up in my chair for extensions a week later.”

With fall right around the corner, you might be searching for a new hairstyle to spice things up. Oliva explains that if you’re looking for an effortless, chic look, braids and messy beach waves are the way to go. And if you need some extensions, girl’s got you covered.

Overall, Oliva has loved the process of relocating her brand to Manhattan, as well as filming Hair Goddess.

“The most rewarding part of my job is being able to transform cancer survivors and clients struggling with thinning hair from medical issues,” Oliva says. “When I see my clients with tears of joy in their eyes, it makes me realize I’m doing a great thing.”

If you’re scared to show off your hair because of what it has become, no matter the reason, Oliva reassures women that they should not be embarrassed. Time and time again, she has helped women who have lost their hair regain the confidence and self-esteem they wished they had. 

“They are not alone!” she says. “There are about 30 million women in America alone struggling with thinning hair. We are here to help in any way we can!”

For more information about Olivia Christensen Salon, visit its official website

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