This Plus-Size Model Had The Perfect Response After She Was Turned Into A Body-Shaming Meme

Lesego Legobane, also known as “ThickLeeYonce,” is a 24-year-old with a long resume that includes plus-size model, blogger, photographer and activist who currently lives in South Africa.

A tweet from popular African Twitter user named Leyton Mokgerepi used one of Legobane’s photos for a body-shaming meme alongside another model captioned “Girls that I like vs Girls that like me.”

Of course, Twitter users were quick to check him on the offensive post.

The model herself clapped back when she found out about the tweet after someone tagged her in it. Legobane told Buzzfeed that “he had to know his place,” so she decided to reply with the most direct and iconic response, writing, “I don’t like you.”

The model’s response went viral, catch faves from celebs like Ariana Grande and Ava Duvernay. People are high-key obsessed with Legobane now and rightfully so.

In the middle of Legobane’s instant popularity, Mokgerepi tweeted the same photo of the model again, but this time with the caption “girlfriend goals.” Like, what? Not cool.

It didn’t go over to well with his followers.

The other women in the original meme even stumbled across it.

Joelle Kayembe told BuzzfeedBuzzfeed News that she is “super proud” of the responses and didn’t see the tweet as a compliment. She said, “To use one woman’s picture to body-shame another is just rude and unnecessary.”

Legobane has been “overwhelmed by the love” and has even received messages from woman commending her for inspiring them to love their own bodies.

She said, “I hate it when men think that fat girls are desperate and that we like every other guy cause ‘we don’t have options.’ It’s utter nonsense. I can be fat and still be out of your league.”


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