The Saudi Arabian Government Is Finally Allowing Women To Drive

Saudi Arabia announced that they are lifting a ban barring women from driving. The country’s Muslim monarchy finally agreed to end the law today after years of enforcing it.

There are several different reasons for the law’s existence in the first place. Some men believe it to be completely inappropriate for women to drive, that it could lead to the decline of Saudi families. Another frequentlyย cited reason is that men wouldn’t know how to handle women driving in cars next to them, let alone when they took their place in the passenger seat. Well, move over. Women can now be behind the wheel, just as they should have been years ago. Not only was this a huge symbol of the oppression of women, but some of the beliefs were a little outrageous.

Women’s rights groups have been protesting the ban for years in the hopes of lifting it, and some activists have even been arrested and thrown in jail for advocating for equal rights. This new practice may take some time to become a national, everyday custom, and it may never be favoredย by all, but this won’t stop it from happening. Police will have to be trained on how to interact with women in public, which doesn’t traditionally happen unless you’re related to the woman in question.

So many people are expressing their excitement over this victory.

Younger generations embrace this, but for the older generations, we’re not sure how they will handle it. No matter which way you look at it or where citizens fall, this is happening, and we couldn’t be happier for the women of Saudi Arabia.

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