New Study Shows That Bed Bugs Are Attracted To Dirty Laundry

If you’ve ever been through a bed bug scare before, you know that it’s no picnic.  Bed bugs are little ninjas that not only multiply quickly but appear without notice or reason. Once you do notice them, they make you want to burn everything and start over, but for a lot of us that’s not an option. You have to wash everything and I do mean everything. The stuff that you can’t wash, like furniture for example, will probably have to be thrown out if it’s infested.
A new study says that dirty laundry is a bed bug magnet. Bed bugs just got so much worse.

Research shows that bed bugs are attracted to a human host, and when that human host is absent, bed bugs are attracted to the next best thing:  your dirty laundry, which has your scent all over it. Human odor hasn’t been considered before as a reason why bed bugs are attracted to us.

Now that we know this, bed bugs can be avoided with a few helpful tips according to Science and William Hentley, an ecologist at the University of Sheffield. Hentley observed that the bugs struggle to walk up smooth surfaces. If you travel, an option would be to seal your clothes in plastic or Ziploc bags. I know its extra, but better safe than sorry. At home, a plastic laundry hamper with a polyester bag on the inside that’s sealed would be best. For your mattress and box springs, use a protective cover to eliminate hiding spaces.

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