One Woman’s Target Shopping Trip Ended With Her Birthing A Newborn Baby

Target is pretty much the place to be. Seriously.

If you need groceries, cheap cosmetics, or furniture, it’s all there. It doubles as a shopping center or a hangout spot, but for Tanya St. Preux, it became her delivery room.

Tanya, from Atlanta, Georgia, was pregnant and recently browsing the store when she began feeling strong contractions. A fellow shopper, Lisa Bozeman was shopping with her daughters, one of which is Caris Lockwood, who happens to be a labor and delivery nurse at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital.

Lisa noticed Tanya was in pain and brought over Caris to help.

Caris told Fox 5, “I thought she was just wanting me to say hi because I’m a nurse, and I’m thinking, ‘Mom, just let this woman shop in peace.'”

The group quickly realized that Tanya was going to deliver her baby and Tanya’s friend left the store to grab her car. Lisa’s other daughter went to grab gloves and towels, and only 20 minutes later, Tanya gave birth to a healthy baby boy. “It was the first time I delivered a baby standing up, and outside, and not at a hospital — and with a crowd,” Tanya commented.

Piedmont Healthcare posted about the story on Facebook, with Tanya stating how grateful she was, “Caris was God-sent and amazing. She was sweet and caring and exceeded everyone’s expectations. She went way over far and beyond,” Tanya said.

You really never know where your water is going to break. We bet Tanya’s going to have a good time telling this story to her baby when he grows up. Congrats, Tanya!

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