Whether You’re Single Or Taken, Celebrate National Boyfriend Day With These Hilarious Memes

There’s a national celebration for everything these days, from vodka and blueberry popsicles to farm animals and techies. So today, we’re not just celebrating Mean Girls, we’re celebrating boyfriends.

Whether you have one or not, it’s a day to tell the close guys in your life how much you appreciate him. From all the times they have listened to you complain about your boss, vent about your crazy roommate and helped you study for exams, they have been by your side through it all, making you laugh and leaving you with priceless memories.

Regardless of whether you’re celebrating an actual significant other or a close guy friend, Twitter will always be there to make you laugh with the funniest memes to make the most of every holiday.

Here are a few of the best that make this day worth celebrating…

Like this honest individual.


— fuck (@sorrymoom) October 2, 2017

And this one.

Tuesday is national boyfriend day. Imma take my dog on a walk

— aly 🥀 (@StrattonAly) October 1, 2017

And this one.

3rd October is national boyfriend day? Can't wait to spend the day lonely, depressed and eating Ben&Jerrys x

— 🦋 (@ruinbrooke) October 1, 2017

Maybe you’ll swear off social media for the day.


…But you honestly live for posts like this.

And this.

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My little angel and I.

A post shared by Liam Hemsworth (@liamhemsworth) on

And even this.

So then you consider coming up with some sort of plan.

it’s national boyfriend day on Tuesday… who wanna step up and confess their love so I can love u back

— sydborf (@punker_irl) October 2, 2017

Or maybe some kind of distraction…

October 3rd:


Me: pic.twitter.com/Bsa1jEv0GG

— Cait❤️💙 (@CatchMeDolans) October 1, 2017

…As you ponder what went wrong in the past.

Really ponder it…

And then you just decide to celebrate yourself because you are amazing.

Tomorrow national boyfriend day and I'm still single asf 😑😐 guess I'm take myself out

— tytiana boo (@tytianaboo17) October 2, 2017

Your night may end up looking like this.

But that’s okay, because you are worth celebrating, with a boyfriend or without.

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