The 10 Most Memorable Moments From The Past 6 Seasons Of ‘Scandal’”

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It is no secret that ABC’s TGIT lineup is losing one of the greatest, most drama-packed shows about politicking, lawmaking, personal and business relationships in the Oval Office. Can the country really move forward without the all-star cast of Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant and Bellamy Young as Mellie Grant?

We are all sad to see that season seven is going to be the last season with Olivia Pope in the White House. What are we going to do? If you know the show, the real question is this: Will Olivia Pope ever make it back to the White House in one form or another?

In honor of Scandal’s last season starting on October 5, let’s take a look back at the most memorable moments from the show.

1. When Olivia & Fitz first met.

Olivia was hired to run Fitzgerald Grant’s campaign. That’s when they first met. Romantic, right? Fitz felt a connection the moment he saw Olivia and then fired her. Once he realized that he needed her in order to win the election, he had to deal with his feelings for her and get her back.

Also, Olivia and Fitz’s famous “One Minute” moment happened for the first time in this episode and it became their thing. The song and the deep, heavy-breathing gives you all the FEELS. Fun fact: did you know that they actually wait one full minute? Time it and see for yourself. Way to go, Shonda.

2. When the election rigging came to light.

This was the moment that changed everything. When Olivia Pope, Hollis Doyle, Mellie Grant, Cyrus Beene and Vera Thornton all come together to make sure that Governor Fitzgerald Grant won the election by rigging the polls.

3. The scene in the rose garden.

One of the most memorable scenes from Scandal was when Olivia Pope paced back and forth in the rose garden of The White House because Fitz confessed his love for her. The iconic TV couple has a lot of heart-warming moments. Who doesn’t want that can’t-eat-can’t-sleep-can’t-live-without-you kind of romance?

4. When Fitz needed to earn Olivia.

Olivia was fed up with Fitz for not being the man of his word. When he showed up at her doorstep, he proved to her that she is worth fighting for. In 22 minutes, Fitz’s wife, Mellie Grant, was going to go public about his affair. But, he didn’t care and he didn’t want to repair his marriage even though it could ruin his chances for re-election. Fitz chose Olivia over re-election. Looks like Fitz knew what he wanted and it was not to save his marriage or his presidency. True love!

5. When Mellie appealed to Olivia.

Mellie came to Olivia for help. What? This is rare. She practically begged Olivia to come back to The White House. In the meantime, Fitz couldn’t breathe or think without Olivia. He was broken. Fitz without Olivia is synonymous to a car without wheels because you can’t move forward. Fitz needs Olivia, therefore Mellie needs Olivia. Mellie confessed that they both want the same thing for Fitz: to be the man they both know he can be. Talk about love triangles.

6. When Jerry Grant died.

The death of Fitz and Mellie Grant’s son had to be one of the most devastating scenes. Fitz made it his mission to find out who pulled the trigger. Mellie had a breakdown and took a break from being First Lady and became a mother that was heartbroken because her son was gone.

Also, this is the episode where Olivia confesses her love for Fitz. We all shed a few tears because she finally admitted to loving him after two years of breaking up and getting back together. Our hearts couldn’t take it.

7. When Olivia was kidnapped.

This was one of the scariest moments on the show, which is why it makes it one of the most memorable. Olivia was out of her element when she was kidnapped. She was weak, terrified and distraught. The only way to free Olivia was to pay the ransom two billion dollars. First, who has that kind of money? Second, can you even imagine being kidnapped? Olivia goes from total power at the White House to powerless. Shonda never fails to surprise us.

8. When Olivia admitted to being the mistress.

Turn up the volume on your TV to hear Olivia say one word: “Yes.”

Never in a million years did we expect Olivia to confess that she was mistress of President Fitzgerald Grant. But she did and she had a long road of consequences ahead of her. This defined their relationship even deeper. By Olivia going public with her secret, it showed us as viewers that she had stronger feelings for the President then we expected. She was willing to take a risk for their relationship. Did it pay off? Of course, Fitz was happy and shocked all at the same time. Were there consequences? Duh, she admitted to having an affair with the commander-in-chief.

9. When Olivia chose Fitz.

Quick, grab those tissues because this one is a tear-jerker.

Just when we thought Olivia couldn’t do anything else to shock us, she went to Fitz and did the same thing he did for her. She chose him. FEELS.

10. When Mellie became president.

If you look back to previous seasons, you will see that Mellie went through a lot to get to where she is in the season six finale.

She went from being the First Lady to the Senator of Virginia to becoming the first female president. How amazing is that!

So there you have it, the most memorable moments of Scandal. I could probably come up with a dozen more and there will probably be even more of these with the finale season.

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