This Grandma Accidentally Bought Her Granddaughter A Very NSFW Children’s Book


Tiffany, a mother of three, shared a hilarious “children’s” book her mother bought for her eldest daughter Emmersyn. Children’s is in quotes because this book may look like it’s for kids, but once you read a few pages you can quickly tell that it’s far from appropriate.

Tiffany told BuzzFeed how her 6-year-old daughter loves to read. So Emmersyn’s grandma saw the book, “If Animals Could Talk” and thought it was the perfect book for Emmersyn to read. The cover of the book is so innocent looking.


But when Emmerysn and her dad sat down to read the book she found the book hard to read, because she didn’t know a lot of the words in it. Her dad on the other hand knew all the words in this book.

The book only got worse from there. Tiffany tweeted about the incident thinking that her mother’s mistake was hilarious.

The book isn’t consistent with the foul language, but these PG rated paged are few and far between.

Tiffany’s husband thought that her mom bought the book as a joke. Turns out she had no idea! What grandma wouldn’t want their 6-year-old granddaughter reading this?

This book has some grade A puns.

A mere hour after Tiffany tweeted about this hilarious faux children’s book, it was sold out on Amazon.

The rest of Twitter was laughing along with Tiffany.

After Tiffany shared the mishap on Facebook her mom said she learned her lesson.

Don’t by a book by it’s cover never applied so perfectly.

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