New Study Reveals Tips & Tricks On Achieving The Female Orgasm

Orgasms are a tricky thing when it comes to women. It’s not as easy for women as it is for men and it’s not as easy as it’s depicted in pornography. But they aren’t a mythical fairytale creature, they are real and can be achieved.

According to the Daily Mail, American sex therapist Vanessa Marin reports that about one third, 32 percent of women say they don’t know if they have ever climaxed. It’s sad but the truth is that we live in a world will male pleasure is considered more important than female pleasure. But Daily Mail sex and relationship expert Tracey Cox is trying to change that.


Research shows that less than half of women. 43 percent will have their first orgasm before they turn 18. It’s typically from masturbation. Cox explains how not all orgasms are the same and don’t feel the same. Typically in film female orgasms are “dramatic and intense” and brief. But there is a reason for why not every orgasm feels the same.

“The reasons why orgasms differ in intensity are many: it depends where you are in your menstrual cycle, how much you’ve had to drink, the mood you’re in, past sexual experience, pelvic surgery, what’s happening in your relationship, when you last had sex,” Cox writes.


If after reading ALL of this and you still don’t think you’ve ever climaxed there is one more piece of advice that could help. “Lots of women stop themselves having a real orgasm because it feels like you need to pee,” Cox writes. When the pressure builds it has the same sensation as when you need to pee. So next time don’t stop because you think you need to urinate, just go for it. Once you climax for the first time, practice makes perfect, so keep at it.

There are only a small amount of women who can’t physically orgasm, because it doesn’t register in their brains. So chances are you can climax and just aren’t hitting all the right nerves, if you know what I mean. Try different modes of stimulation like a new vibrator and new positions. Penetration alone rarely produces female orgasms. Foreplay is key and so its the clitoris. Different sex positions can stimulate the clit while having intercourse.

Put your pleasure first and get busy ladies.

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