Meet The Cast Of ‘Riverdale’ Season 2

The big day is almost here! Yes, our favorite new show, Riverdale, is premiering its second season Wednesday night and we can hardly contain our excitement. We may not know what will go down this season, but we’re sure it’ll kick off with a riveting first episode.

Aside from the mysterious plot, we simply can’t get enough of Riverdale‘s cast. They’re undeniably the coolest, cutest, baddest bunch of teenagers on the block, and we are so excited to see their characters grow and develop in the second season.

It’s hard to pick which character we identify with the most (I personally consider myself to be a mix of Jughead and Veronica), but the bottom line is that we love them all. If you’re not too familiar with the show, take a look at the cast list below and then fall in love while scrolling on through their gorgeous pictures.

Riverdale Season 2 Cast

KJ Apa plays Archibald “Archie” Andrews, a conflicted teenager who finds himself trying to juggle music, his love life and a murder investigation.

Lili Reinhart is Elizabeth “Betty” Cooper, a typical ingenue with a secret dark side. She yearns to break free of her mother’s overbearing grasp and to become the woman she truly is.

Camila Mendes plays Veronica Lodge, a classy New York gal who’d just moved to Riverdale after the chaos began. She is smart, sexy and mischievous, aka all that we can ever hope to be.

Cole Sprouse plays the role of Forsythe “Jughead” Jones III, an outcast who is finding his place in the murder investigation, writing a novel about Jason Blossom’s death. Little does he know that along the way, his life will change drastically.

Madelaine Petsch takes on the role of Cheryl Blossom, your typical rich, popular girl. Underneath her expensive wardrobe is a girl suffering from hopelessness.

Ashleigh Murray is Josephine “Josie” McCoy, a fierce singer who is the head of Josie and the Pussycats, an up-and-coming band.

Finally, Casey Cott plays Kevin Keller, the son of the town’s sheriff who becomes best friends with Betty and Veronica, accompanying them on their crazy schemes.

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