Harvey Weinstein Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Harvey Worth Right Now?

Producer Harvey Weinstein was recently dismissed from his own company after the release of a report detailing years of alleged sexual misconduct. As a big name in Hollywood, Weinstein became an advocate for the Democratic political party, sharing with the world that he considers himself a “liberal lion” and a “champion of feminism.” His “values” are a stark contrast to the reports, obviously. But the producer has built quite an empire for himself over the course of his life. How much is Weinstein worth today?

Harvey Weinstein’s estimated net worth as of 2018: $150 million

Let’s see how Harvey rose to the top of the industry that eventually exposed (and fired) him.

1960 – 1990


Weinstein attended college at the University at Buffalo and later stayed to begin a concert-promotion business called Harvey and Corky Productions along with his brother. They then created a small independent film-distribution company called Miramax, a combination of their parents’ first names, Miriam and Max. Miramax’s first hit was The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball in May of 1982. With the release of The Thin Blue Line and Sex, Lies and Videotape, Miramax became the most successful indie studio in America.

1990 – 2000


Disney bought Miramax for $60 million. In 1994, the company released its first blockbuster, Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. Other movies following that release include Clerks, Good Will Hunting and Shakespeare in Love. 

2000 – 2010


Weinstein began choosing films separately from his brother, who began marketing under the banner Dimension Films, which included the well known Scream series. In 2005, the brothers announced that they were leaving Miramax to form another production company called The Weinstein Company. The company landed themselves in a financial crisis in 2009 and tried to regain control of Miramax, but were unsuccessful. Disney ended up selling Miramax for $660 million.

2010 – Present


In 2012, Time magazine included Weinstein in its list of “100 Most Influential People,” but his incredibly successful career didn’t phase a few famous Hollywood women from speaking out against him. Weinstein has reached approximately eight settlements over the years. Ashley Judd claimed that Weinstein tried to get her into his hotel room to watch him shower. Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow also came forward with their stories of sexual harassment. Upon hearing the accusations, The Weinstein Company fired Weinstein.


Harvey Weinstein was slammed by Sharon Stone and said he deserves to be jailed.

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