New York City Subway Riders Join Together In Removing Racist Man



A video of New York City subway riders kicking a racist man off of the L train has gone viral. Rapper Princess Nokia has come forward and introduced herself as one of the commuters in the video, claiming she’s responsible for the now-infamous soup toss.

The rapper was commuting on the L train when she witnessed a man using a racial slur and spewing hate at a group of African American teenagers.

The disturbing video shows New Yorkers joining together to collectively kick the man off of the train after screaming and scuffling on the part of the belligerent racist.

After reportedly slapping the offender, the man proceeded to also call Princess Nokia the N-word.

“When I slapped him, he called me a n*gger, and when I did, all my brothers on the train came to my side and held my hand and comforted me,” the rapper tweeted.

The final moments of the video show Princess Nokia chucking a hot soup from Au Bon Pain onto the racist man. She spoke out about the amazing act of resistance on Twitter as well.

We agree, Princess Nokia. #BlackLivesMatter.

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