Lea Michele Boyfriends 2018: Who Is Lea Dating Now?











Lea Michele, 31, is well-known for her role as Rachel Berry, the “stunning, young ingenue” from Fox’s hit musical-comedy series Glee (RIP). Lea is no stranger to performing: her career as an actress began with her debut as Young Cosette in the 1995 Broadway production of Les Miserables. 

They say the theater is a place for love, and in Lea’s case, so is the set of a TV show.

Let’s take a look at who Lea’s dated in the past.

Theo Stockman 2009 – 2011


Raise your hand if you’re jealous that Lea’s boyfriend was in American Idiot on Broadway. There’s nothing better than a man who can act and sing, especially if he’s belting out Green Day. Lea and Stockman were first spotted at a 2010 event for an issue of Time’s 100 Most Influential People. The couple was pretty good at keeping their relationship under-wraps until news of their split first broke in September of 2011.

Corey Monteith 2012 – 2013


Lea was most famously linked to Glee co-star Corey Monteith in 2012, after months of denying their off-set romance. During their Teen Vogue cover shoot in 2011, Lea was asked how her boyfriend at the time, Theo Stockman, felt about her kissing Monteith on Glee. Lea replied, “My boyfriend is an actor as well. So he understands.”

Gleeks (myself included) couldn’t contain their excitement that their favorite on-screen couple, appropriately nicknamed “Finchel,” finally moved their relationship off-screen.  Lea and Monteith were inseparable: they frequently went on trips to Vancouver where they would go skiing and sledding, and weren’t shy about PDA on the red carpet.

Aside from being the cutest couple of 2013, Lea and Monteith were also the most supportive couple of 2013, standing by each other’s sides no matter what. When Corey voluntarily entered rehab for drug addiction in April 2013, Lea was his rock, saying to People,“I love and support Cory and will stand by him through this. I am grateful and proud he made this decision.”

After Corey completed his stay in rehab in April of that same year, the couple was back on track, attending a few public events together and even hanging out with Lea’s longtime friend and Spring Awakening and Glee co-star, Jonathan Groff.

Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship tragically ended in July 2013 when Monteith died of a drug overdose in his Vancouver hotel.

Corey will be forever remembered in our hearts, as Lea traditionally remembers him every year with an Instagram post. This year, she shared a polaroid taken in 2013 of the then-couple blissfully snuggled up, captioned: “4 years and it still feels like yesterday.. love you more C.”

Matthew Paetz 2014 – 2016


People had mixed reactions when Lea began dating model Matthew Paetz in 2014 after they met on the set of her music video for her single “On My Way” the same year. The new couple was quick to flaunt their love, going on romantic vacations to Mexico and Italy and having adorable date nights.

Lea was absolutely smitten, gushing about her love for Paetz during an interview with PodcastOne’s Fempire: “We’ve stood by each other through anything that was thrown our way, and [Matt] is a such a great man that he would never really let anything like that ever crack our lovely little core that we’ve created…”

However, after almost two years of dating, the couple split in early 2016. Paetz reportedly “had enough,” leaving Lea “blindsided” and utterly heartbroken.

Zandy Reich 2017 – Present


Dating a longtime friend can be tricky, but Lea and Zandy Reich have found a way to make it work. According to reports, Reich, president of the clothing company AYR, and Lea began dating in July of this year. They were spotted holding hands after grabbing lunch in New York City and since then have only gotten closer.

A few days before her 31st birthday in August, Lea shared a picture of she and Reich on Instagram, declaring her love and gratitude for her beau.

More recently, the couple was spotted at LAX jetting off on a romantic vacation.


Zandy Reich is not only the current love of Lea Michele but the couple shares a bond of a long time friend.


Lea Michele is not only engaged to fiancé Zandy Reich now they are planning to get married very soon.