Joe Jonas Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Joe Worth Right Now?

Joe Jonas, American singer, musician, actor and middle sibling of The Jonas Brother, has made quite the career for himself.

He grew up in New Jersey with his three brothers Kevin, Nick and Frankie, all raised by his musician parents. Nick’s voice originally caught the attention of the producers, but they soon realized that the brothers were working together. His career in music led him to larger roles in television, film and as the frontman of a chart-topping band. So, just how much is Joe Jonas worth?

Joe Jonas’s estimate Net Worth as of 2018: $18 million

How did Joe get to where he is today?

2006 – 2007


Joe is probably most widely known for being in a band with his two brothers, Kevin and Nick. The Jonas Brothers released their first album, It’s About Time, before signing with Hollywood Records. The album features songs such as “Mandy” and “Time for Me to Fly.”

2008 – 2010


These couple of years were big for the Jonas Brothers. Their next couple of albums, A Little Bit Longer and Lines, Vines and Trying Times, topped the charts with hits like “Burnin’ Up,” “Lovebug” and “Fly With Me.” The three brothers also landed lead roles in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Camp Rock along with Demi Lovato. They also began their own show on Disney Channel in 2009 called Jonas, which only aired for two years.

2011 – 2014


Joe released his solo debut album, Fastlife, in 2011 and announced that he would be joining Brittney Spears on tour. The album’s first single “See No More” didn’t have a great amount of commercial success. The album premiered at number 15 on Billboard, but quickly fell off the charts. Joe and his brothers then parted ways with Hollywood Records. The brothers reunited for their fifth album and released two singles “Pom Poms” and “First Time,” but the group cancelled their tour dates before they began due to “creative differences.” The band was officially over.

2015 – Present



Joe decided to form his own band with his former tour partners Jack Lawless and JinJoo Lee. Cole Whittle later became the fourth member of the group. The band became DNCE and released their debut single in 2015, “Cake By The Ocean.” Joe has been working hard with the band and just recently got engaged to Game of Thrones Actress, Sophie Turner.


Ahead of the Grammys 2018, Joe Jonas and his fiancé Sophie Turner stepped out in style in New York City.

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