Sophie Turner Boyfriends 2022: Who Is Sophie Dating Now?

Can you hear the wedding bells? Just recently, musician Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner announced their engagement and I couldn’t be happier. But what’s more interesting than a couple in love? Being nosy about their dating history.

I know. I should be more understanding of their need for privacy, but sometimes you can’t help but want to do a little digging for the sake of being nosy. Sophie has kept a tight lid on most of her relationships, but there have been more than a few rumors and theories circulating the web.

Let’s take a look at who Sophie might have dated before tying the knot, shall we?

James McVay 2014

Sophie may have been making it big during the fourth season of Game of Thrones, but that didn’t deter a hopeful fan. James McVay, a guitarist for The Vamps, reportedly confessed that he had a crush on her after meeting her on Twitter.

According to MStarsNews, the two were seen together a lot in the following weeks, however it took a turn for worst after James posted a photo and wrote “Whatcha saying… Was it all an act? I know you’re an actress but this isn’t cool.”

The two broke it off after Sophie requested that he stop contacting her.

Thomas Mann 2014

There’s nothing juicier than co-stars in love, even if it’s all a fun rumor. Sophie met actor Thomas Mann on the set of Barely Lethal. Soon after, Sophie posted a romantic photo of the two on her Instagram page with the caption “Dating? @thomas_mann,”. Unfortunately for us gossipers, Thomas shut down these rumors after stating that “It was all part of the movie, nothing more” according to Hitberry.

Tye Sheridan 2015

It seems like working on film sets is the equivalent to speed dating. Then again, it’s hard not to get attached to fellow actors or to have friendships misconstrued into romance by the paparazzi. This may have been the case for Sophie and Tye while filming X-Men: Apocalypse. The two were seen together leaving Nando’s, a popular restaurant chain in London. Both their agents declined a response when asked about their dating status, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their relationship went a little further from friendship.

Joe Jonas 2016 – Present

The lucky groom-to-be. After years of dating rumors and speculation, Sophie Turner finally went official with Joe Jonas back in December 2016. While the two were happy to announce their relationship, Sophie was less than pleased with the lack of privacy. Despite busy schedules and workloads, the two continued to cultivate their relationship.

And now, the two are finally engaged. The announcement came in the form of a simple and sweet Instagram photo of the gorgeous pear-shaped ring on Sophie’s hand. I can’t wait for the wedding, although I have a feeling these two might prefer a more private ceremony. I certainly would.

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