Fiona The Hippo Does Not Care About Your Engagement Photos

Fiona the Hippo first came into the world prematurely in early 2017. The Cincinnati Zoo didn’t think that she would make it, but she thrived and continues to steal hearts to this day. She’s the subject of the internet’s adoration, making herself an animal celebrity on social media across the world.

On October 8, Nick Kelble and Hayley Roll went to the Cincinnati Zoo to visit Fiona and they were not disappointed. The couple waited in line to get their picture taken, before Hayley gave someone her phone so that they could snap a photo of the couple. That’s when Nick knelt down to propose and of course, Fiona wanted to see what was happening in her presence. The queenly hippo ended up hilariously stealing the spotlight from the couple’s engagement photo with a look of pure curiosity and bewilderment.

Though Fiona didn’t seem too impressed, the internet was in awe of her timing.

Congratulations to the happy couple. Let’s just hope that Fiona gets the invite she deserves.

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