Tarte Cosmetics Responds To Alleged Leak Of Consumer Info






If you’ve been planning on buying makeup products from Tarte, the company behind the mega-hit Shape Tape Concealer, you might want to keep this in mind.

The brand recently hosted its database on a platform that Kromtech, a software security research center, alleged was targeted. Tarte isn’t the only company affected, as a few other companies also using the platform experienced the same issues.

What compromised information did Kromtech discover? According to James Novara, the brand’s VP of E-Commerce & IT, “no sensitive or non-public personal information was implicated in this incident, which appears to have included only publicly available information that could be lawfully obtained by the general public from any number of other records, such as shipping addresses and email addresses.”

According to Revelist, Kromtech alerted Tarte about the possible breaches on October 19, only one day after they detected the info.

Bob Diachenko, Kromtech’s chief security communications officer, said that Tarte took the proper precaution of making necessary changes a day later.

“[The type of database Tarte uses] has been one of the most targeted databases since the end of last year — thousands of unprotected instances have been hijacked by several ransomeware groups,” Diachenko said.

Tarte is also still looking into the issue in the hopes of making sure that everything is taken care of. “At this time, Tarte is still conducting a thorough investigation of this matter and determining the appropriate response and any notification requirements,” Novara said.

Remember, when shopping online it’s always best to use caution, but it’s also essential to make sure that you’re remaining informed about which info is out there. Keep your security in mind.

Edit: This story was edited to reflect Tarte Cosmetics’ statements in regards to the alleged breach for accuracy.

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