Celebrate National American Beer Day With A Cold Brew & Some Memes

Today is National American Beer Day!

This holiday is observed annually by beer drinkers across the country just like other important days such as National Chocolate Cupcake Day, National Taco Day and National Vodka Day.

I highly recommend you celebrate this one correctly with a nice cold one or two (or maybe a six-pack?) with your friends at the bar, happy hour, a rooftop deck or my personal favorite, with Netflix and microwave popcorn.

But before you break out the kegs and pong tables, here are a few fun facts about beer you probably won’t remember later (but if you do, you’ll sound way smarter at parties.)

  1. There are over 2,100 breweries in the United States that manufacture beer.
  2. At any given time, 0.7% of the human population is drunk (also known as 50 million people.)
  3. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty beer glass.
  4. The world’s strongest beer has a 67.5% alcohol content.
  5. Darker and more bitter beers have a higher alcohol content.
  6. In Austria, you can swim in pools of beer.
  7. In certain European countries, beer is served at McDonald’s.
  8. The average American consumes 23 gallons of beer per year.
  9. Amsterdam pays alcoholics in beer for cleaning city streets.
  10. In 1814, a 15-foot wave killed eight people in London.
  11. Thomas Jefferson wrote parts of the Declaration of Independence at a tavern in Philadelphia.
  12. J.K. Rowling invented Quidditch in a pub.

Happy drinking! Cheers!

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