This 911 Alternative Hopes To Aid Anyone With Mental Health Concerns

Concrn is a mobile app that hopes to serve as the 911 alternative for anyone in need during a mental health crisis. With the rise of recent incidents and statistics, Concrn’s mission is one of immediate necessity.

According to TechCrunch, 80%of calls made to the police are mental health-related. Unfortunately, police officers aren’t exactly trained to respond to these situations.

That’s where Concrn comes in. The app connects you to responders who are not only compassionate but who are also trained to help those experiencing a mental health crisis. Even if you don’t have the app, you can just text the dispatcher at 415-881-8278. If you see someone that might be in the midst of a mental health crisis or incident and you don’t know how to help, Concrn is a great way to assist.

Developers created the app a few years ago and since its inception, Concrn has been able to respond to over 2,000 mental health reports. That means that Concrn has been able to help tons of people and it also implies that the stigma surrounding mental ilness may just be decreasing.

Unfortunately, Concrn is only available in the San Francisco, California area but the app is hoping to raise $250,o00 to develop further so that it can expand and accommodate to other areas.

“Our goal is to work with the cities and with other service providers and use our tech as a lynchpin and communication network between all these siloed organizations,” Neil Shah, Concrn’s co-executive director, said.

Hopefully, Concrn will be available in all major cities, and eventually nationwide. Let’s be honest, we need something like this. In an “age of technology,” something like this could not only help people, but it might save a life.

You can download and donate to Concrn here.

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