Celebrate World Vegan Day With These Meatless Memes & Tweets

World Vegan Day is an annual celebration of veganism and how it benefits humans, animals and our environment.

The process of going vegetarian is a ludicrous thought for many people and most of the time, they are completely opposed to hearing about it because humans are “carnivores. Going vegan and giving up all animal by-products in addition to just meat doesn’t even seem like a possibility for many people. And yes, vegetarians and vegans are different!

Being a vegan is all about animal rights, your overall health and feeling good. It goes beyond just food. There are vegan skin products, clothing, makeup and even shampoos. They contain no strays of animal products and have not been tested in laboratories on animals.

Vegans come along with the stereotype of being stuck-up and thinking that they’re better than everyone else. This is just not true. Veganism is a personal choice and everyone has the right to make their own decisions. Eating a hamburger in the same room as a vegan is not offensive, but when you make those comments or judge them on their decisions, it makes everyone uncomfortable.

So, let’s celebrate today, learn all about what it really means to be a vegan and be less judgmental, people! I have also included a series of memes for a little additional humor on this important day. Make sure to scroll through those and check out these tweets from loud-and-proud vegans.





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