Grab Your Favorite Candy & Indulge In These Deliciously Funny National Candy Day Memes

Candy is great, it’s just a fact. Whether you’re an M&M lover, a black licorice hater, a Nerds person, or you don’t care as long as you’re the one eating it, candy is one of the greatest food creations. It should have its own place on the food pyramid, if we’re being honest. Even if you don’t eat candy all that often or are a fitness junkie, there’s no greater comfort than something sweet to eat.

Not all candy is bad for you, either. Candy comes in all forms now and there are certain brands whose candy is geared towards those with food allergies or intolerances, so no one is left out. There are also health benefits to eating candy (sorry to my high school gym teacher, but it’s true). Here’s a fun fact: chewing gum during a test can increase your cognitive brain function, making it easier to focus. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that strengthen your immune system, helping to fight off diseases.

It’s National Candy Day and to celebrate, we’ve compiled a gallery of the best memes and jokes about candy. So feel free to snack on as many gummy worms or Skittles as you want while browsing. #SorryNotSorry.

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