Get The Inside Scoop On Kim K’s ‘Crazy Strict’ Diet & Fitness Routine

Let’s be honest, Kim Kardashian has an incredible body.

Kim’s incredible looks are all thanks to trainer and bodybuilder Melissa Alcantara, who was on last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kim told her mother, Kris Jenner, about this woman she found on Instagram who gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy, but is now “ripped.” After checking out her Instagram, I can see why Kim would look to this woman for inspiration.

“Melissa is a trainer I found. She’s super inspiring to me and I really want to meet up with her and she if she could train me,” Kim said. “She could help direct my food and really get me on an amazing path… If I was 10 percent like her it would be life-changing. Like my whole arms and back. It’s mostly food. I gotta have this lifestyle. I gotta try.”

Kim brought her sister Khloe along to meet Alcantara in New York City. The trainer then traveled to Kim’s house and threw out all the “processed crap” in her pantry. Alcantara is all about food being fresh and keeping portions under control.

Kim works out with Melissa at a studio in Los Angeles. They are pictured doing squats, lunges and weights. Alcantara likes low intensity interval training and weight training.

During the workout, Kim said, “I know I could get abs—I’ve never been pushed to get them, but I know I could.”

Alcantara recently wrote on Instagram,

“Really excited to have been featured on #eentertainment. So many opportunities opened up for me 6 years ago when I decided I was going to take risks and live my life the way I wanted. The first thing I did was take control of my #health and #fitness the next thing I did was quit my job lol, everything else just seemed to fall into place. There were many ups and downs and doubts and failed attempts but when you get knocked down you don’t stay down. Kim trains hard and has great work ethic and it’s a pleasure to train her. Let’s keep making these muscles girl”

Kim and Alcantara’s motivation should serve as an inspiration for all of us to at least embrace living our best lives.

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