Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Woman Learns Her Husband Cheated

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Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Today in relatable news…

A plane making an international flight from Doha, Qatar to Bali, Indonesia had to make an emergency landing on Sunday after a woman lost her dang mind upon learning that her husband was having an affair.

According to The Times of India, she had been drinking (because that’s the only way flying is tolerable, I get it, girl) and decided to do some snooping on her man’s phone, reportedly used her husband’s own fingerprint while he was sleeping.

Upon finding evidence of him cheating, it was an all-out brawl. The woman started hitting her husband and the flight crew couldn’t get her to stop attacking the two-timer.

Eventually, the pilot decided to land in Chennai, India.

Honestly, I can’t blame the woman — I probably would behave in a similar fashion. At the very least, I wouldn’t sit next to the jerk with no escape for hours.

However, if there’s one place to keep your chill, it’s on a plane. Do you even watch the news? Every other day someone is getting dragged off of one of those flying buses.

As for the unhappy family, yes — their kid was also on the flight — they were kicked off the plane and it continued on to Bali. Police didn’t get involved.

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