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Last week we left off with President Rashad of Bashran and his niece entering a private jet so they could go back to their county, but unfortunately, they didn’t make it there because as they were taking off, the plane decided to explode. Who was behind the explosion?


If/when Mellie finds out, she is going to be pissed and honestly, I don’t blame her. I don’t like the person that Olivia is becoming and someone needs to take her down, but who would dare be up for the challenge?

Were you shocked? I was shocked. How could you do this, Olivia? Why did you do this? Quinn was not as clueless as we were. She knew Olivia caused the explosion and wanted to take Olivia down, but Quinn got too involved with the case, which caused her disappearance. Yep. Quinn was taken and everyone at QPA started to look for her because it was her wedding day. Quinn could not miss her wedding day. And she didn’t miss her wedding day by choice. So, that’s a good thing, right?

Next question, who took Quinn and why? Please don’t hurt the pregnant lady!

With all the dark, twisty things to come out of last week’s episode, I think the best thing was that Abby and David are back together! Finally. They are meant to be.

Are they going to be able to find Quinn? Find out during the winter finale of Scandal tonight!

Scandal Viewing Details

Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017
Time: 9:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: ABC
Episode: 7
Title: “Something Borrowed”
Starring: Kerry Washington, Scott Foley, Darby Stanchfield, Jeff Perry, Bellamy Young, and more.

How To Watch Scandal Season 7, Episode 7 Online

If you are not going to be able to watch the winter finale of Scandal live on television, don’t worry. The new episode will be available on the ABC website. When you visit the website, you need to sign in with your cable provider information. Then, once signed in you can binge watch all the popular television shows that ABC has to offer. The cable providers include DirecTV, Fios, Xfinity, and Time Warner.

How To Watch Scandal Season 7, Episode 7 On Mobile

You can download the ABC app from the app store of any smartphone device. This includes the Apple Store and Google Play. When the app is finished downloading, you can log in with your cable provider information. After, you will be able to stream all of the shows on ABC, like Scandal. The option to live stream the show is also available in the app, but for certain markets only.

How To Watch Scandal Season 7, Episode 7 If You Don’t Have Cable

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Scandal Season 7, Episode 7 Sneak Peek


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