This Study Shows How Your Twitter & Mental Health Are Connected

Social media and mental health have been intertwined for some time. Most of the studies are about Instagram and mental health. Instagram is notoriously the worst social media platform for your health. But now a new research from the University of Pennsylvania has connected Twitter and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, ADHD.

The study shows that people who have ADHD tweet differently than people without ADHD. The study shows that Twitter users with ADHD tweet less agreeable things, post more often and swear way more.

The University of Pennsylvania conducting their study by cross-referencing 1.3 million tweets. The tweets were from 1,399 Twitter users who have been diagnosed with ADHD. They cross-referenced those tweets with users without ADHD who were the same gender. age and have been using the platform for the same amount of time.

Based on their method they can predict if a user has ADHD solely off of their tweets with an 83% accuracy. If someone has ADHD their tweets are typically about “emotional dysregulation, self-criticism, substance abuse, and exhaustion.”

Twitter is a platform where you are encouraged to tweet frequently and can access it all the time. That online environment mixed with ADHD is a tense situation. Make sure you check in with yourself regularly and reevaluate your social media behavior.

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