Busy Philipps Calls Out Body-Shamers In A Powerful Instagram Story

Busy Philipps had an encounter with a well-meaning fan this weekend that prompted her to start a larger conversation about how we talk about and view women’s bodies.

After a late-night spin class, the actress stopped by a Rite Aid pharmacy Friday night (November 17) and ran into a female fan. She chronicled her thoughts afterwards on Instagram Stories, her social media platform of choice.

“She was so sweet and had such a calming manner and in a loveliest way, she said, ‘You’ve lost some of your plumpness from Cougar Town. You look nice still, but you’ve lost some of your plumpness.’”

What does one say to that? And, moreover, Philipps addresses a more sweeping question: why does our society feel so free to comment on women’s bodies without prompting?

“You know how when you’re a woman, sometimes people feel like they should be able to comment about your body all the time or make laws about your body?” she posed. “Well when you’re an actress, or any female in the public eye, everyone feels that they can comment on your body all the f-king time. Always.”

As a woman and a public figure, total strangers feel like they have the right to offer their opinions on her physique.

“The amount of people in my long 20-year career in this industry who’ve come up to me in grocery stores and Bed Bath and Beyonds to talk with people about my weight,” she continued. “I think it’s a good thing to err on the side of ‘Let’s not talk to people about their bodies unless they bring it up first and they want to talk about their bodies.'”

While she did not admonish the fan in-person for sizing her up (literally), it’s clear the incident bothered Philipps, and rightly so. Offering unsolicited opinions on women’s bodies and how they ought to look at best can be deeply offensive — and is never appropriate small-talk conversation.

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