10 Text Messages That Prove Just How Insane Guys Can Be

Guys LOVE talking about their “crazy” exes. You know the one. The girl who became “sooo d*ckmatized” that she fell madly “in love” after the first hookup and stalked them to unimaginable lengths. Why, you ask? They’re not really sure. Mostly, they’ll say that she just caught feelings too soon or she became way too attached when they explicitly stated that they didn’t want a relationship. No matter what, they are absolutely POSITIVE it has something to do with how uncontrollably irresistible their f*ckboy antics were to her. Whatever. Wasn’t their fault.


But what about the guy this girl was supposed to go on a date with who left her 28 text messages and voicemails insulting her for not following through with the date? Or that guy you forgot to respond to on Tinder who thought you’d finally go out with him if he continuously harassed you for not responding? Yeah, it’s pretty evident that guys can also be, um, emotionally unstable after facing rejection. Here are 10 text messages from guys who went batsh*t crazy after being rejected.

1. This guy with a very specific message.

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You know an ex is mad when they send a text with effects

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If you didn’t think he was serious with the first seven “f*ck you” messages, he threw in a special effect with the last one to really just let you know.

2. This “scared” guy.

Yes, show up to her job after she’s made repeated efforts to show you that she’s not interested! That is NOT creepy at all!

3. This guy, who’s willing to toss your salad.

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β€œId even toss your salad”

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Um, yeah, I think she wants you to stop texting her.

4. This man with a confession.


What. The. Fick.

5. This guy, who j*acked off “spiritually and emotionally”

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Just a joke, right?

6. This man in search of his little spoon.

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Well, they both like silverware I guess

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Yes, we wish we could unsee this, too.

7. This man with a plan.

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It's good to learn

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If he’s not gonna get a date, might as well get a grammar lesson, right?

8. This a**hole, who’s not an a**hole.

Yes, sir, you are clearly “highly developed” and in tune with your emotions.

9. This guy, who knows why you’re single.

Damn, that’s why she’s single? Because she didn’t respond to you? Wow!

10. This guy???

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Imagine having this much free time

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Yes, harassment IS the key to securing a date with the person you claim to like!

I know it’s cuffing season, but can we just all agree to not harass and insult women who aren’t interested in hooking up? That would be great.

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