These Are The Best Tricks & Tips For Your Holiday Etsy Shopping

With the holidays right around the corner, stores and malls tend to get pretty hectic. Not only do stores have huge sales on Black Friday and the day after Christmas, but up until after New Year’s Day, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will find a sale.

The only issue is that not everyone wants to go out into the cold, stand in long lines and shop in crowded places. That’s where online shopping comes into play. It’s saved so many of us the headaches and pain of a trip to the mall.

One of the best online shopping resources is Etsy. On Etsy, you can find amazing, handmade items from sellers who pour their love into each craft and product. It feels personal, as though each gift was made solely for you.

Of course, Etsy can be a bit overwhelming, with its thousands of unique shops, but no worries. I’ve got you covered.

1. Favorite everything.

Ever browse the internet only to take a break and realize that hours have gone by? The same thing will happen while shopping on Etsy. Make sure that you favorite every item that you love after checking them out on the website. If you’re a first-time shopper, you have to create an account to use this feature, but it’s very easy. Once you do that, you can make a list to look back on.

2. Experiment.

Take advantage of the search bar. If you type in specific things, you might be┬ásurprised about what the results are. For example, typing “Vintage 1980’s sweaters” will give you a ton of Cosby-era-inspired sweaters. Give it a shot and be creative!

3. Save items in your cart.

If you are dead set on buying something, you can save it in your shopping cart for later. Etsy doesn’t delete things that you leave in your cart. Even if you forget, they save your items for later. Such a gem.

4. Treat Etsy like Pinterest.

The categories feature is such a lifesaver. Etsy allows you to add specific items to different lists. Sorting your lists will allow you to backtrack to a favorite shop or listing that you love. As you become an Etsy pro in time, this will be a breeze and before you know it, you’ll have tons of lists, making gift-giving a breeze.

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