Bake Yourself A Dozen Cookies & Enjoy These National Cookie Day Memes

If you missed the memo, it’s National Cookie Day!

Everybody loves cookies, right? Especially now that it’s the most wonderful time of the year, there are holiday cookies to celebrate with all over the place. You’re probably still stuffed from all the turkey and pie last week, but it’s almost the end of the year and let’s face it, 2017 has been rough. You deserve this.

Chances are, there’s at least one cookie that you find irresistible. Whether that be chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, sugar, Oreos, Thin Mints, macaroons or those one’s from the grocery store with the pink frosting (yes, I think those are delicious) it’s time to indulge. You don’t want to upset Cookie Monster, do you?

There are a few deals you may want to take advantage of as well. Insomnia Cookies is giving a free cookie with any purchase you make so you can get two cookies for the price of one! Or ice cream and a cookie. Or milk and a cookie. Up to you, but free cookie! Also, Whole Foods will be selling freshly baked chocolate chip cookies for only 25 cents. That price is unheard of for that store, but each customer will be limited to only three 25-cent cookies.

Aside from stuffing your face with cookies after work today, you should also celebrate with these calorie-free cookie memes. Enjoy!

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