A Russian Oligarch’s Niece Got Married & The Bill Must Have Been Insane

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Weddings should be over the top, if you ask me. After all, it’s the one day when the attention is solely on you and you can literally get away with anything. So if you want to make it a fairy tale story come to life, do it…if you (or your rich uncle) can swing it.

That’s exactly what Ganya Usmanova did when she recently wed her tennis star beau, Vazha Uzakov, in a lavish ceremony in Uzbekistan. Her uncle, a Russian oligarch and co-owner of Arsenal Football Club (that’s a soccer team for you non-sports fans) named Alisher Usmanov, apparently footed the bill…and from the looks of it, the happy couple definitely put his credit card to work.

For starters, the bride wore three different — and ridiculously extravagant — dresses.






Guests then danced the night away in what would be the craziest club in the world. Aside from the music and lights, a castle display served as the backdrop to the evening, providing a better backdrop than any photo booth could ever provide.

And suddenly, your cousin Joe’s wedding wasn’t all that cool.

Check out more photos from the envy-inducing bonanza below.




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