Former ‘The Voice’ Star Melanie Martinez Is Being Accused Of Sexual Assault


Waves of people have been taking a stand against sexual assault ever since the Harvey Weinstein accusations took place. Last night Melanie Martinez, who became famous from The Voice, was accused of sexually assaulting her former best friend, Timothy Heller.

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Melanie is considered one of The Voice‘s only successful artists despite her coming in sixth place in the third season. The 22-year-old has a dedicated fan base and her first album Cry Baby debuted at number six on the charts.

On Twitter Timothy posted four screenshots explaining how Melanie manipulated her and emotionally and physically abused her.

Timothy started off explaining how their relationship was focused on Melanie and only Melanie.

“Codependency works in a lot of strange ways. In my relationship with this friend, I was dependent on helping her with her life. As soon as I needed a small bit of focus, and support from my best friend, there was nothing for us to relate to each other about. Our friendship was about her,” she posted.

Timothy then went in depth how Melanie assaulted her and how she repeatedly said no. Melanie denies that what happened was assault.

Even though Melanie denies the allegations Timothy has been receiving a lot of support.

According to Rape Victim Advocates Organization, RVA, only 2-8% of rapes are falsely reported. So a majority of the allegations that are being made and more than likely true.

If you still do think that there are too many allegations happening to be considered true the RVA says that statistically, one sexual assault happens every 107 seconds in the United States.

Support your survivors of assault.

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