Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Are Being Accused Of Copying High-End Designer Pieces

The Kardashian’s seem to never learn when it comes to copying other people. Typically the Kardashian Klan is accused of copying designers who are less known than them, but not Kim and her husband Kanye West. They’re currently being accused of ripping off Comme Des Garcons and Vetements.

One of Kim and Kanye’s many businesses is their kids clothing line called Kids Supply. The kids line is fashion forward athleisure. The clothing is ideal if an Instagram model had a kid. The Kids Supply’s latest drop is sparking outrage because two pieces look like high-end desinger knockoffs.

Instagram @Diet_Prada pointed out the similarities. The Kids Supply Demna Dress is eerily similar to the custom Vetements dress that the label made for Kim and Kanye’s daughter North West.

Kim and North wore matching Vetements dresses to Kanye’s Madison Square Garden concert in Septemeber 2016.

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The Vetements designer is Demna Gvasalia and the Kids Supply dress is named after him. Both pieces are silver sparkle dresses with long sleeve, mock neck and open back with a piece of fabric hanging off the back.

The Rei Bomber, which is a black bomber jacket with gray patches all over, looks similar to a Comme Des Garcons x Kosho & Co jacket. Kim and Kanye have to know it looks similar because they named the jacket the Rei Bomber and the founder of Commes Des Garcons is Rei Kawakubo.

The back of both the Kids Supply jacket and the limited edition Comme Des Garcons x Kosho & Co jacket have a snow-capped mountain with an eagle and the words “Live Free Wish Strong Will.”

All the profit made from the two pieces will be donated to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. A rep for Kids Supply told The Cut that the pieces were named after the designers to pay homage to them. The rep didn’t confirm if Rei or Demna approved of the copycat designs.

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