This Student Gifted His Teacher A Du-Rag To Teach Him About His Culture

Doug Engelman is a Ph.D. student at the University of South Florida and an adjunct professor at the University of Tampa. Doug teaches sociology and covers many topics within the realms of society and culture.

One of his students in his sociology class, Dylan Romero, is one of the more enthusiastic students. “Dylan is a very engaging and animated student — he talked a lot in class and I encourage a lot of discussion,” Engelman told BuzzFeed.

Earlier this semester the class was having a discussion about culture and religion. That’s when Engelman asked Romero if his du-rag is a cultural symbol. Romero said he doesn’t wear his du-rag because it’s part of his culture, but rather part of his lifestyle.

This then started a running joke between the two of Engelman wearing a du-rag. Until Romero made the joke a reality.

He showed up to class last Thursday a tad late with a gift bag in hand. In front of the whole class, Romero gifted Engelman his very own du-rags and showed him how to put it on.

It was a really great moment of sharing and learning from student to teacher as opposed to the other way around. Romero’s video went viral and all the responses have been nothing but positive.

Rmero didn’t just gift Engelman the du-rag for the culture though. He told BuzzFeed, “This man changed my mindset in life in a whole different way while being in his class and I couldn’t thank him enough. I thought, Let me get him his own du-rags so he can remember me when I’m gone.”

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