It’s Time To Get Vocal About Protecting Net Neutrality

Grab your pitchforks and turn your computers on. Net Neutrality is in danger again, so we have to step up before it’s too late. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plans on killing Net Neutrality following the vote on December 14, 2017. Ajit Pai, the Chairman of FCC, claims that it isn’t needed.

But wait. You might be thinking “I have no idea what that is, so it must not be important.” You might even shrug and hope everyone else will step up to the plate while you sit back to binge Netflix. Don’t. Arm yourself with knowledge and join the fight. I’m going to break down just how important Net Neutrality is, and how sorry you’ll be if it’s not protected.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net Neutrality is sort of like the tech version of human rights. It makes sure that all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) cannot discriminate against websites. What does this mean? Let’s say that Optimum partnered with YouTube. If we didn’t have Net Neutrality, Optimum could favor users that use their internet and make their connection faster. As for Verizon users? Get ready to see those annoying “Experiencing Interruptions?” boxes on every video.

What’s the worst that can happen?

If you’re like me, you can hardly justify buying those movie tickets to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But that’s okay. You’ll just watch some videos YouTube to tide you over. If this vote goes south, you can say goodbye to your internet speed. Without Net Neutrality, ISPs can force your favorite websites to pay for faster loading times. Companies like YouTube and Instagram might be able to afford to pay ISPs for load times, but smaller sites won’t be able to make the cut. You know, like your very important blog or startup website.

How can I help?

It’s ultimately down to Congress to stop the FCC, but that means it’s our job to get them to listen. Make your voice heard. Let them know that we won’t stand to have Net Neutrality taken away from us. Here are a number of sites and resources you can check out to learn more about Net Neutrality and how to protect the internet we all love. When in doubt, contact your Congress representatives!

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Battle For the Net

Save the Internet

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