Celebrate Hanukkah 2017 With The Best Memes & Funny Photos For The Holiday









Hanukkah has officially begun! You get to spend eight days with your family eating delicious food and exchanging gifts. Kayla Moore is already trying to get ahead of the game by claiming her one Jewish friend, but we won’t go into the details on that mess. And don’t worry you’re not spelling Hanukkah wrong. I know, I thought I was, too. There are actually a few very interesting facts about Hanukkah.

1. 17.5 million doughnuts are eaten in Israel during Hanukkah. To be specific, jelly donuts are the traditional holiday dessert. That’s a lot of sugar, but I’m totally jealous.

2. The dreidel was actually used as a cover-up for studying the Torah. According to myjewishlearning.com, the Greeks outlawed the study of the Torah for a long time. Those of the Jewish faith played the dreidel to fool the Greeks just in case they were caught during their studies.

3. Hanukkah isn’t a major Jewish holiday. Hanukkah began being celebrated in the 1800s because it’s close to Christmas.

4. According to Israel21c.org, the dates for Hanukkah change each year. Hanukkah can start anywhere from late November to the end of December. The reason for that is because Hanukkah falls on the Hebrew calendar. There is no Gregorian date range for Hanukkah, but Hanukkah always falls on the 25th day of the Hebrew month Kislev.

5. Some traditional Hanukkah foods include latkes and potato pancakes. Both of these foods are fried in oil. Sounds delicious.

6. The Chanukah candles have to be lit after dark as a symbol of bringing light into darkness. The reason for this is so the candles can be seen to remind others of the great miracle G‑d wrought.

Now to bring in the Hanukkah celebration let’s take a look at the best memes and photos the internet had to offer us this year.

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