Celebrate Monkey Day With These Hilarious Memes








When I was younger, I had a thing for monkeys. I know, that sounds weird, but it’s like when girls have a thing for horses, or so I like to think. When I was little, my moms would always take me to the Bronx Zoo and I would run straight to see the monkeys. I’ve always been fascinated by our similarities and by their ability to climb trees with such ease. I never climbed trees as a kid, but I’m a hugger, which I guess is a form of tree-climbing.

Oddly enough, Rafiki was never my favorite character in The Lion King. I thought he was irrelevant, but now that I’m older, his words of wisdom make sense and make me feel less stressed. National Monkey Day celebrates not just monkeys, but all other kinds of non-human primates, including apes, tarsiers, and lemurs. Speaking of lemurs, does anyone remember Zaboomafoo? You know, that show that aired when we were kids (back when TV was good- go 90s!) about the lemur who introduced the explorers to new animals in Animal Junction? He basically taught us everything about wildlife when we were younger.

You’re probably wondering, how can someone celebrate National Monkey Day? The answer is: in a lot of ways. One of the ways you can celebrate is by shamelessly eating an entire carton of Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. If anyone tries to rain on your parade, hand them a spoon and let them be healed by the magic of ice cream. Other ways in which the holiday is celebrated is by participating in monkey costume competitions, speed-knitting monkey dolls, watching movies like King Kong and Planet of the Apes, going to the zoo, and just monkeyin’ around (see what I did there?).

Whether you’re a monkey lover or couldn’t care less, here are some memes for Monkey Day guaranteed to make you smile either way.

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