Celebrate International Tea Day With These Hilarious Memes

Let’s make tea trendy again!

In honor of National Tea Day, ditch the coffee and try tea for a change. It’s always all about the coffee nowadays with PSL’s, espressos and latte art. What happened to the tea?

Humans have been drinking tea for thousands of years, and sipping on a cup of tea can be really beneficial for your health. So throw away the fad diets and enjoy your dairy and your gluten with a steaming cup of brewed tea. The drink comes with high levels of antioxidants (which helps keep young!), caffeine, naturally reduces anxiety and assists with weight loss.

While both tea and coffee are great pick-me-ups, it has been proven that tea increases academic performance, energy levels, focus and immunity without giving you the jitters like coffee does.

The benefits vary with your tea of choice of course, but the beautiful thing about tea is that there’s something for everyone. While it’s true you can order vanilla or hazelnut coffee, beans are beans. Tea leaves comes in such a vast variety of flavors it’s hard not to find one you fancy. There are herbal teas like hibiscus, green tea, white tea, black tea, chai tea and the ever-popular matcha. There are hundreds of flavors out there plus you can add milk and honey or sugar for the perfect sweetness that will fill you with warmth this winter.

So explore the tea menu at your local coffee shop and celebrate the wonderfulness of tea with these hilarious memes.