This Artist Is Defying Traditional Standards Of Beauty With Her Latest Work

Sally Hewett is empowering women everywhere to view their physical imperfections and flaws as stunning pieces of art.

The Britain-based artist has made it her mission to turn so-called “flaws,” including stretchmarks, pubic hair, gap teeth and even back dimples, into a collection of embroidery art.

Sally uses a variety of materials including pearls, silk, and quilted hoop, to create life-size, hyper-realistic representations of the human anatomy. One of her goals is to dismantle conventional beauty standards through her artwork and to show the strength and beauty in imperfection. And of course, her artwork is intersectional, with her pieces featuring body parts of all races, genders and sizes.

“I love bodies.” Sally wrote on her website. “And it is not the conventionally beautiful bodies that take my eye, it is bodies which show their history, that have been altered by their experiences, that are decorated with bruises, scars, spots, stretch marks, freckles, pigmentation, veins.”

In a world increasingly dominated by social media, there’s now an overwhelming need to dismantle unrealistic body standards that have worsened because of the prevalence of photoshopped, altered images on Instagram. “Are some characteristics of bodies inherently beautiful, or ugly, or disgusting?” Sally said. “Or because we see everything through the veil of culture, fashion and convention is it almost impossible for us to see bodies objectively?”

Sally’s artwork is a refreshing reminder that what we see on social media is not reality. Cellulite, surgical scars and body hair are a reality for us all. This isn’t an imperfection, despite what society says.

Sally’s Instagram account now boasts more than 100k followers, and we’re stoked that her message of empowerment is making waves.

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