Selena Gomez & Her Mom Unfollowed Each Other On Instagram

It looks like Selena Gomez and her mom Mandy Teefey have hit a rough patch in their relationship. The two unfollowed each other on Instagram. If you go to Selena’s and Mandy’s respective Instagram pages and search through their following for the other’s handle it shows that they aren’t following each other.

Just yesterday it was reported that Mandy and Selena got into a heated argument about her boyfriend Justin Bieber. Mandy isn’t a fan of Justin, which is valid considering Selena and Justin’s history. When Selena told her mom that she and Justin are going to couples therapy Mandy supposedly lost it.

People confirmed that Mandy checked herself into a hospital, but the fight about Justin is just from sources and speculation. But now that the mother and daughter have mutually unfollowed each other on Instagram the speculations seem more realistic.

Mandy and Selena are both executive producers on 13 Reasons Why. The Netflix show wrapped season two the other day, right before Mandy was hospitalized and she and Selena unfollowed each other.

Let’s hope Selena and Mandy can eventually see eye to eye and reconcile their relationship.

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