Settle In For Wine Night Because It’s National Sangria Day

Sangria is the fruit salad of all fruit salads. Not only does it have wine, our favorite, but also makes eating your daily serving of fruit more tolerable, and fun. It’s second to the holy grail brunch drink: the mimosa, Blair Waldorf’s favorite, but is just as fun, like Serena. Sangria goes with everything savory and sweet, depending on what kind of wine you use as the base.

A little history about sangria: it’s the original “who spiked the punch?” Though culinary historians can’t pinpoint its exact origin, versions of it can be traced back to Spain, Portugal, Greece, and England. The name is said to derive from the Spanish word for blood, “sangre,” which is an ode to the drink’s blood-red color. Before it was popular in Spain, the early version of sangria, sangaree, was a staple in the Caribbean. Unlike sangria, it was served either hot or cold.

Viva la sangria!

For those of you who are sangria newbies or don’t religiously follow Tipsy Bartender on Instagram, the traditional recipe requires red wine and sliced fruits such as nectarines, melons, oranges, berries, and apples with sugar and orange juice. If you’re not a red-wine kind of girl, you can use white, which is the more recent version of sangria. If you want to be more adventurous on wine night with the girls or Sunday brunch, make your sangria bubbly with some sparkling water or add some Brandy for a kick (we won’t tell).

So pop open a bottle and get ready to laugh in agreement at this gallery of memes for National Sangria Day.

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