Double Standards: What If The Roles Were Reversed?

There are mixed reviews from the Twitter community regarding what’s actually going on here.

Its a controversial Tweet “Getting corpse drunk and still making your d*ck appointment” because it is not specified what the relationship is between the guy and the girl. The caption may be the main problem as it insinuates something unfair for both parties. In the wake of hundreds of Hollywood sexual assault allegations, poor timing makes this joke the center of a double-standard conversation.

Role Play

Guys are pissed because if it was a girl being dragged, it would be an automatic assumption that there is a future rape trial. But some have pointed out that maybe they’re “just friends,” and she’s helping him. Others have pointed out that we do not assume the more positive possibility because the situation would have likely been exploited and investigated further should roles be reversed.

The context remains unclear and neither person in the video is even identifiable. One thing many fail to recognize is that she is clearly smaller than him and dragging her belligerent male counterpart was the only alternative to leaving him there or calling for backup. Sure, he would’ve picked her up but shoulda/coulda/woulda does not apply considering we don’t know why they couldn’t have just walked together in the first place. Perhaps sir sips-a-lot should have stopped his antics before having to be escorted by his socks to a bedroom where his fate remains unclear.

Also, if we’re really going to breakdown the anatomy of the human bodies and gender divide, homie would probably struggle from a severe case of whiskey-d*ck. So, Becky-with-the-Good-Hair probably wouldn’t have gotten much use out of him anyway. Nonetheless, it is imperative at a time like this that we are all cognizant of the word “no” and that the absence of it does not imply, “yes.”

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Regardless of the actual circumstances, using the terms “corpse” and “d*ck appointment” in the same sentence was probably not the best idea. TFM known for its racy tweets, explicit photos, and Theta Apple Pie themed comedy that we can usually get behind; this one was questionable and has yet to be deleted. Feel free to help us piece things together and share what you think happened.